Dec. 3, 2019

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  • What is WebXR? A new web standard from the W3C for virtual and augmented reality on the open web.

  • What happened to WebVR? WebXR supersedes WebVR. WebVR was never a W3C standard. WebXR can do everything WebVR could do and more. All WebVR implementations are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • How do I move my WebVR content to WebXR? If you are using a 3d engine like ThreeJS you probably won’t need to do anything. For more info see the WebVR Migration Guide

  • What browsers support WebXR? The makers of Chrome, Firefox, Oculus Browser, Samsung Internet, and more have all committed to shipping WebXR in their current or future browsers. See the MDN page for more info.

  • What devices support WebXR? Most VR headsets support WebXR through a compatible browser.

  • How do I build a page with WebXR? WebXR handles the immersive part, but you still need a way to draw 3D content. Generally this means using WebGL. Since WebGL is very low level most developers use a 3D engine or library like ThreeJS, Babylon or others. Your favorite 3D engine may support WebXR already.

  • How do I get viewers for my WebXR site? Let us know about it so we can feature it on the Firefox Reality homepage.

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