Mozilla Developer Roadshow is a meetup-style, Mozilla-focused event series for people who build the web. In fall 2019, we shared highlights of the latest and greatest Mozilla and Firefox technologies in Asia to tell the story of how the web continues to democratize opportunities for developers and digital creators. These events were organized by Mozilla Developer Relations.

Dates and locations

November 11 2019 Monday Tokyo, Japan Keio University

November 13 2019 Wednesday Seoul, South Korea Google Campus Seoul, South Korea

November 15 2019 Friday Taipei, Taiwan Meet Taipei Conference

November 18 2019 Monday Singapore Grab, Marina One

November 20 2019 Wednesday Bangkok, Thailand Wisesight



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All locations

Ali Spivak - What's New at Mozilla

Hui Jing Chen Making - CSS from Good to Great: The Power of Subgrid

Philip Lamb - Developing for Mixed Reality on the Open Web Platform

Kathy Giori - Mozilla WebThings: Manage Your Own Private Smart Home Using FOSS and Web Standards

All locations except Singapore

Karl Dubost

Best Viewed With…Let’s Talk about WebCompatibility

Only Tokyo and Seoul

Brian Birtles

10 things I hate about Web Animation (and how to fix them)

Daisuke Akatsuka

Best Viewed With…Let’s Talk about WebCompatibility

Only Taipei

Stan Leong

The state of developers in the Asia Pacific region, and Mozilla's outreach and impact within this region

Max Liu

Learn more about Firefox Lite!

Only Singapore

Sriraghavan Subramanian

Percentage Rollout for Single Page web applications

Venetia Tay

Designing for User-centered Privacy