This page is for people seeking speakers or sponsorship for developer-oriented events

Mozilla Developer Relations community seeks to help developers use open Web technologies. One way that we do this is by supporting technical conferences and meetups that bring developers together and share knowledge about open Web technologies. By support, the Dev Rel group includes financial sponsorship, help with securing Mozilla speakers, and Mozilla branded promotional items at the event.


  • Developer Event Request Guidelines
    • How are requests made?
    • What kind of support does Mozilla provide for events?
    • Who reviews my request?
  • Sponsorship Follow-up
    • How will my request be reviewed?
    • What to expect after your form is submitted

How are requests made?

External and internal requests are made using the Developer Events Request Form. Support is provided in the form of Mozilla speakers, panelists, workshops, sponsorship, booths/tables. We ask that all requests are submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event's date, so we have sufficient time to review the request, confirm a speaker/schedule their travel plans, fulfill sponsorship tasks, etc. If you have a question about events that is not covered by the request form, please email devsponsorship (at) mozilla (dot) com

What kind of support does Mozilla provide for events?

The Mozilla Developer Events team reviews requests for speakers, branding/swag, booths, and/or sponsorship at developer focused events. For hackathons, we look to support and encourage these events by providing speakers and mentors in the region.

We usually do not consider requests that require significant sponsorship (in general, above $5,000 USD). In cases where we do sponsor at a higher amount, there must be significant alignment with Mozilla goals and a strong partnership between the organizing group and Mozilla. Larger sponsorships generally encompasses a series of events or a high-profile opportunity and require contracts between the event and Mozilla.

Mozilla Reps or Community Members organizing Mozilla-oriented events must go through the Mozilla Rep in their geographic area. The Developer Events team coordinates with the Reps programs to make sure that events are not cross-submitted or funded from both programs.

If you are a Mozilla Community member organizing an event, please review the How To Guideline .

If you are seeking a Mozilla Tech Speaker to present at your event, please take a moment to fill out the Tech Speaker Request Form. This form gathers some basic information about your event and your specific needs, so that we can best match you with an appropriate speaker.

Who reviews and approves requests?

Requests are reviewed weekly (unless holidays and scheduling conflicts arise) by the Developer Events Team. The core team who evaluates requests is Sandra Persing and Havi Hoffman. Ali Spivak (Director, Developer Relations) participates in the call and makes the final decision to approve or not. Members of technical and engineering teams, such as Mixed Reality, Firefox Developer Tools, WASM, and others are both invited to the meetings and consulted before/after about suitability of specific events for their audiences/technologies, the appropriateness of requested topics, and for help identifying speakers (both within their organizations and volunteers/external people).

How will my request be reviewed?

We have established this set of criteria by which we evaluate all event support requests:

  • Alignment to Mozilla goals and strategy: Your request shows a clear relationship between the event and achieving Mozilla, Emerging Technologies team, and our DevRel|Developer Relations goals. We have a set amount of funding every year, and we need to make sure that our dollars are spent on events that are supporting the goals we have set for the year.
  • Brand Alignment: We will carefully evaluate the impact of having the Mozilla name and logo associated with the event submitted, and the people organizing/speaking/attending to make sure the request and our support is in alignment.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Does the event demonstrate best practices in regards to speaker and attendee diversity?
  • Submission at least 8 weeks prior to event date: It takes time to review the requests. Please be considerate and respectful regarding this time frame to allow sufficient time for consideration.
  • Mozilla participation: Money alone doesn't represent Mozilla very well, so we consider first to sponsor events where members of the Mozilla community (volunteers or staff) are participating. They could be attending, speaking, organizing, or participating in some other way, as long as they are at the event in person. Note: If you have no Mozillians involved in your event, we are happy to help find someone to speak, attend, sit on a panel, etc., but this does NOT guarantee a sponsorship. Finding Mozilla participants is judged independently of sponsorship opportunities. We also look at historical involvement and feedback: Did the event meet or surpass expectations and best of class guidelines? Do we know and trust the organizers? Have there been problems with/at the event in the past? If there were, how did organizers deal with them? These will help guide a decision and influence the amount we choose to invest.
  • No pay-to-speak: We don't pay for sponsored speaking slots, or accept speaking slots that are contingent on sponsorship. We prefer that Mozilla speakers be invited or accepted on the quality of their presentations and the interest the attendees have in what they have to say, not because Mozilla has paid to put someone in front of an audience. We believe this policy:
    • is equitable to conference organizers seeking Mozilla speakers
    • is fair to other speakers who don't have the means to pay for a speaking opportunity
    • helps us gauge interest in the topics and products we might propose to speak about
    • maintains the credibility of Mozilla speakers with audiences
  • Budget consideration: This sponsorship request process is specifically from the Dev Rel team. We are limited in resources and usually do not consider supporting requests that require significant sponsorship (in general, above $5,000 USD). However, we are happy to review the event and its purpose to help direct the request to another Mozilla division.
  • Code of conduct: In keeping with Mozilla's culture of inclusiveness, we require event organizers seeking sponsorship or speaker to create, publish, and enforce a code of conduct for their event participants. You can find examples and guidance for writing a code of conduct on the Geek feminism wiki. Our Mozillians are awesome, and they all deserve to be treated with respect.

What to expect after your form is submitted

Here's the general timeline (subject to change and exceptions): We review requests that are three months out from current date (for example, if it's currently January 2016, we are generally reviewing requests Feb, Mar, April of 2016. The DevRel Events team meets on a weekly basis to review requests submitted through the events bugs form. Email requests will be redirected to the form, and all communications will be followed up on the form. Sometimes, the team takes additional time to re-direct the request to the appropriate team, or to wait for replies that are dependent to the request submitted.

If Mozilla sponsors your event, please be aware that we will ask you for follow-up information after the event, such as number of attendees and social media reach. The purpose of this follow-up is to help us track the effectiveness of our sponsorships and make decisions for the future. You're probably collecting this information anyway.

For direct follow up and any questions, please email devsponsorship (at) mozilla (dot) com